2023 Annual Conference Call for Speakers

The National Procurement Institute (NPI) issues this Call for Speakers to provide educational sessions during the 55th Annual Conference to be held at the Westin San Diego Bayview, San Diego, California, October 8-11, 2023. Educational content is delivered Monday, October 9th through Wednesday, October 11th.

NPI invites those interested in presenting a session to submit a presentation proposal for each proposed session. Preferred presentation topics include: 1) leadership in public procurement; or, 2) the pursuit of excellence in public procurement, with a focus on the subject matter of any of the Achievement of Excellence in Procurement award criteria.

Education Program Information:

Leadership and Professional Development Track 
Sessions in this track hone the knowledge and skills of established leaders and lay foundations for emerging leaders. Topics might include media and public relations, change management, organizational awareness, and the attraction, development, and retention of the future pioneers of public procurement.  

Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Track 
Sessions in this track are focused on continuous improvement, learning from their peers about the challenges and solutions that became the basis of an organization’s successful application to the AEP criteria generally and AEP Criteria 18, Continued Pursuit of Excellence, in particular. 

Session Options: General Session or Breakout Session 
Session Times: 30, 60 or 90 minutes (proposed longer sessions may be split into segments) 
30-minute presentations to be combined with others in a single session will be considered

Attendance: 110 - 125 delegates per day (estimated)

First review of submissions will begin on Friday, April 14, 2023. The submission process will remain open until the conference program is deemed complete by NPI. Submittals must be valid for 90 days.

Please submit a brief presentation proposal and statement of qualifications addressing the list of requested information on the following page via e-mail to:
Chris Robinson - Program Chair, NPI Treasurer
[email protected]

Presentation Proposal and Statement of Qualifications should address the following: 
o Presenter Contact Information 
o Session Title 
o Conference Track: Leadership & Professional Development or Achievement of Excellence in Procurement 
o Session Topics and Summary Description 
o Session Length: 30, 60, or 90 minutes 
o Brief Presenter Biography 
o Presentation or Presenter References (previous organization(s) to whom you have presented & contact info) 
o Presentation handouts to be provided to attendees (if applicable) 
o Three or more Learning Objectives (At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to …) 
o Proposed fee, in-kind compensation, or expense reimbursement request, if any 
o Equipment or supply requests (NPI provides a projector, screen, and microphone)


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