Welcome and thank you for your interest in the National Procurement Institute (NPI).  NPI is designed to establish collaborative relationships among members for the development of efficient purchasing methods and best practices in the areas of governmental, educational, and institutional procurements.  NPI is comprised of professional purchasing workforces from across the United States, creating a breadth of qualified knowledge which provides for invaluable educational development of its members.

Membership in the National Procurement Institute is open to any person interested in the supply management field directly related to government, education, healthcare and institutional agencies provided that such person(s) cannot be primarily engaged in sales activity; nor solicits business on behalf of such person of his or her employer during meetings of any NPI activity.

Membership dues are $130.00 annually. Memberships are per individual. Agency or organization memberships are not available. 

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Members of NPI represent the current and future leaders of the public procurement profession. The Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award® symbolizes organizational excellence in innovation, professionalism, productivity, e-procurement and leadership. The Annual Conference and Products Exposition offers an intimate setting for delegates to focus on leadership skills and best practices while building lasting relationships.

Members of NPI:

  • Pursue the next level of excellence
  • Promote organizational achievement and leadership
  • Effect change in the public procurement profession
  • Network on a personal level with successful leaders from across North America
  • Enhance their knowledge and skills at the Annual Conference
  • Prove to their leadership, governing body and the public that they exceed the highest standards by pursuing the Achievement of Excellence in Procurement® Award

Why Choose NPI:

As a member of NPI, you and your organization will benefit from the support of a thoughtful, strategic, and professional organization dedicated to supporting the evolving needs of its membership since 1968, encouraging them to achieve procurement excellence, and providing them with the tools to do so.

What Members Say:

“The NPI membership is valuable to me as a vehicle to demonstrate organizational excellence, accreditation, and validation through the AEP program.”

“I obtain networking opportunities with fellow practitioners across the country and have a platform in which to investigate, cultivate, and collaborate in ‘think-tank’ fashion internally and with other non-profit institutions with similar or like-professional goals.”

“NPI offers professional trainings that help me achieve my career goals. I am not just a face in the crowd at the conference, I am a valued attendee.”

“I joined NPI because doing so improved my AEP application by providing access to AEP model submittals. I also benefit from the discount to the AEP award submittal fee.”

“NPI gives me a formal platform to educate non-procurement professionals in all areas of the community and business spectrum, including business, political, and conscientious citizen advocacy groups, regarding the value of the procurement activity and fiduciary relationship it entails.”

“NPI is the only organization that provides training specific to the AEP criteria, through an educational track offered at the annual conference.  Having tools to assist in achieving the national benchmarks of the AEP program not only promotes confidence in our procurement program, but it also preserves public confidence in our procurement processes.”



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