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"You can’t imagine what an impact this has for us. This award is 3rd party validation that we obtained a level of excellence."

"We appreciate the opportunity to be able to document our performance and practices and to have them scored by an outside agency. We value earning this award and enjoy displaying it!"

"I have an amazing purchasing staff and it is such a joy to see their many efforts acknowledged with this prestigious award!"

"We are proud to be considered and very excited to join the ranks of our peers as we continue to work in getting better in what we do while driving change within public procurement and be leaders in our field."

"Thanks for starting our day with this great news! We greatly appreciate NPI and the evaluation committee’s consideration of the City’s application. We look forward to another great year, continued development and improvement, and to our next AEP application!"

"On behalf of the entire team, thank you for this very positive notification! We are both humbled and honored to receive this exciting news. Earning the prestigious Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award is an accomplishment we have targeted, and will now be an annual benchmark for the achievement of continuous improvement."


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