Officers and Board of Directors

NPI President  
Diane Seaton, CPPO, CPPB, NIGP-CPP
Contracts Manager

City of Portland
1120 SW Fifth Ave., Room 1250
Portland, OR 97204
[email protected]
NPI Vice President  
Purchasing Manager
City of Rosenberg
2110 4th Street
Rosenberg, TX 77471
Phone: 832-595-3363
[email protected]
NPI Treasurer  
Chris Robinson, CPSM
Director of Purchasing and Contract Services 
Kansas State University

2323 Anderson Ave., Ste. 500
Manhattan, KS 66502
Phone: 785.532.6214
[email protected]
NPI Secretary  
Brandon Harper, CTCD, CTCM
Assistant Managing Director
Texas Tech University
1901 University Ave., Suite 408
Lubbock, TX 79410
Phone: 806-834-0590
[email protected]
AEP Officer  
Brian Garrity, CPSM, C.P.M., CPPB
Director of Procurement
Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District
P.O. Box 9000
Presidio Station
San Francisco, CA 94129
Phone: 415-923-2208
[email protected]
NPI Immediate Past President  
Christine A. Grommons, CPSM, CPPB
Purchasing Analyst
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept.
400 S. Martin Luther King Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89106
Phone: 702-828-2979
[email protected]
NPI Executive Director  
Craig Rowley, C.P.M.
Craig Rowley, C.P.M.
Executive Director
National Procurement Institute, Inc.
PO Box 2774
Rockport, TX 78381
Phone: 702-989-8095
[email protected]
NPI Directors  
 Kimberly Barnard.jpg - 49.24 Kb
Kimberly Barnard
Senior Buyer - District Division - Contracts
Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District
PO Box 29000, Presidio Station
San Francisco, CA 94129
Phone: 415-923-2255
[email protected]
Nathan Daou, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB, C.P.M, A.P.P.
Procurement Administrator
City of Tucson255 W. Alameda, 6th Floor
Tucson, AZ 85701
Phone: 520-837-4136
[email protected]
 Dean Mealy
Dean Mealy, II, NIGP-CPP, CPPO
Town Procurement and Contract Manager
Town of Palm Beach, Florida
Phone: 561.227.7000
[email protected]



Our Partners

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